Month: April 2013

Owl Wisdom 101 Blog

[lead]Ooops…There It Is…[/lead]
I remember the first big event that I planned and managed. There were so many details
and logistics that needed to be considered in the plan. And of course…nothing goes as
planned. If I was going to give one piece of wisdom to those budding event planners
out there…or even to those brave souls who are planning their own events/parties it
would be this…be flexible.
Of course this does not mean sit and twiddle your thumbs until the day of the event and
then wing it. It means that you plan and contingency plan for your event…and wait for
the unexpected snag to appear. Then when it appears…be flexible and find a way to
work with it. Many times this has been a inspiration point for me.
The first event I did had a “game show” theme. I had spot lights rented and was told
that the cord was a certain length. Of course, this information was not correct. Don’t
worry, I had a contingency plan and brought extra extension cords. What…breaker
problems and only one outlet is going to work. What to do… I used the spotlights as
the center of the buffet table and they were still effective spotlights on the game show
sets. It was so cool and really made the room scream TV studio. In fact, people
commented how cool this looked and the event was a huge success.
Funny but since that first event…the unexpected still appears. No big deal…just
remember to work with it.
Angela Contardi