Month: July 2013

Big Event…Little Budget

The number one issue that clients have is making their event dreams come to life with a limited, and often inadequate budget.  The budget is very important and is there to ensure that you do not suffer from the “after-event blues”.  It is challenging but possible to have all the main features that you would like for your event without breaking the bank.  That said, it is also important to be realistic with the budget in relation to the scale of the event you are having.

As I work with clients, the first question I ask is “what is your budget?”.  Then I will find out how many people will be attending, the elements that the client wants to have included in their event, and points of no-compromise.  From there, creativity and resourcefulness are needed to make the event “wow” .  There are inexpensive ways to decorate, have memories captured, and much more.  Doing some of the event components yourself, such as invitations, can really promote savings. Electronic invitations are becoming more popular for this reason in addition to the benefits of efficiency, tracking RSVP’s, communication, and creative designs and animation.   There are also very inexpensive and beautiful ways to decorate that just require a bit of elbow grease.  When working with an event planner, be sure that all these options are being considered and don’t be afraid to help out with tasks as this will also save you money from event planning services. Some people will find this rewarding and be amazed at how far a dollar can stretch.

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