Month: September 2013

I Love Autumn…

There’s something about Autumn that makes me want to enjoy life’s little comforts.  Perhaps it’s the  burst of fall colours that comes with the change of season, smell of burning leaves, and the indulgence of  my favorite comfort foods that make this a very wonderful time of year.  It is also a time for a fresh start and there are many wonderful ways to celebrate this colorful season.

Simply celebrating this season with your family is a great way to keep spirits high as they move into the regimen of school and lessons.  A fall inspired meal and decor at the table and around the house will bring your family together for celebration and commarodary.  Have each family member share their favorite thing about fall.  I wonder who would say “I get to go back to school.”.

Given the decrease in temperature, hot beverages are now brought back into the menu.  Serve your favourite hot toddy with an assortment of dried fruits and nuts at your next gathering of friends.  Candles bring a warmth to the ambiance.  Don’t be afraid to feature these at your table with some fall inspired colours, scent, and accents.  When sending your invitations carry the warmth of the season into the stationary with color and scent.

Corporate events held in the fall, such as team building, can be enjoyed outside with corn maze exploration, pumpkin carving contests, and a hay ride.  It is a casual setting to get people to connect.  More formal events can still incorporate fall inspired elements through color and menu selection.  These warm additions will help your guest feel more at home and add an element of flare to your event.

Happy Celebrating!


Angela Contardi