Month: March 2015


We recently went on a family vacation and had purchased photos from one of our adventures.  It was not cheap but definitely worth every penny.  It got me thinking about how events are planned and how often the important detail of photos are missed.  You have spent so much time, money, sweat, and tears to make your event perfect.  In order to save a few dollars you have found alertnative ways to capture the moments … if you remembered at all.  The day is a frenzy of activity and before you know it your guests are leaving.  You take some time to reflect on how everything went.  It is at this moment when you think how much you wish you had invested in getting great photos and videos.

We can all agree that  photos and videos are an important part of the event.  How much attention should we give this detail?  Here are a few guidelines that will help you determine the right photo fit for your next event:

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