Month: January 2016

How to make the Perfect Party… in 10 EASY Steps

When I was a kid birthday’s were a big deal in our home. The effort my mom put into my party always made me feel loved and special.  She still bakes me a birthday cake every year on my birthday.  Thanks mom.  As a mom now, I want my kids to feel the same way I did on their birthdays.  I know that many other mom’s feel the same way too.  Here are some guidelines to help you make a wonderful birthday party like aMilestone-Birthdays-Events-2 pro for your child no matter what your budget.

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How to Make a Denim Wreath

denim wreath


I LOVE Denim.  I wear it all the time because it is comfortable and versatile.  Eventually the holes take over and the best thing to do is upcycle them.  There are so many cute things you can do with your old jeans but I will show you how to make a no sew, super cute denim wreath in 7 easy steps.

Your will need the following supplies:

  • 2-3 pairs of old jeans with holes
  • 2 plain 4 inch burlap ribbon
  • 2 décor 4 inch burlap ribbon
  • a double wire wreath with ties (wreath has both an exterior and interior structure with ties)  Check the space you will want to hang your wreath to make sure you get the right scale.
  • a stapler
  • and a couple of extra ties.

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