Month: October 2016

Just call me “Martha”! – Holiday Entertaining

Christmas table place setting. Holidays background

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go to Martha Stewart’s home for a Holiday gathering?  I have listened to her radio show salivating as she describes the gorgeous tapas, meal, decor, and gifts she will be presenting to her guests without even breaking a sweat.

You can Holiday Entertain like a pro by following a few simple tips.

  1. Pick a theme and stick to it.  Whether it is country, whimsical, traditional, or whatever  – stick to the chosen theme from invitations, decor, thank you gifts, etc.  This provides consistency throughout the event.
  2. Send your invites at least 6 weeks before your holiday gathering.  There are many competing priorities this time of year and you want to give your guests the lead time to commit to yours.
  3. Plan everything.   Your decor, map your place settings, set your menu and beverages, decide the flow of the event from arrival to departure.  The more effort you put into the planning, the more
    polished and less stressful your holiday event will be.
  4. Have appropriate Holiday background music playing during your gathering.  It really helps to set up the ambiance.
  5. If you are preparing any of the food or beverages, choose items you are confident making.  Also have a designated individual assigned to entertaining guests if you need to make trips to the kitchen.  You may want to consider hiring a catering company depending on your budget.
  6. Have fun!  There is nothing that ruins a Holiday gathering faster than a stressed, grumpy host who is barely visiting and stuck in the kitchen the whole time.  You need helpers!  Even Martha has helpers!
  7. Say “Thank you and Happy Holidays!” with a small token and kind words as your guests are leaving.  Important note:  If you have been serving alcohol, ensure there is a designated driver who has not been drinking or call your guests a cab.  It is the right thing to do-always!

You too can Holiday Entertain like “Martha”.

Join us at our Holiday Entertaining Workshop where we will have fun learning tips and tricks,  making Holiday Wreaths and Centerpieces, and of course eating and drinking plenty of Holiday themed treats!  We look forward to having a fun afternoon with you, friends, and family.

Book your spot today as there is limited space and registration deadline is November 2, 2016.

Holiday Entertaining Workshop.

Date:    Sunday, November 6, 2016

Time:     1:00 – 4:00 pm

Location:  Lake Summerside Beach Club

1720 – 88 Street SW, Edmonton

Register today by calling 780 – 497-7558


The Unsexy Truth: Events Matter to Business


Shocked Mature Businessman Sticking Tongue Out While Holding Paper

Do you lie awake at night worried about how you will meet your quarterly sales goals; stressed about the morale of your staff and your turnover rates;  retaining key business in a highly competitive environment?  If you have answered “YES!” to any of these questions, then this healthy dose of business advise is for you.  Events cost money and time but are one of the most effective ways to organically grow your business!  No matter what business you are in, your success is driven by the relationships you build over time with your staff and customers. Relationships are built through shared experiences, human connection, and a shared cause.

In the last couple of years this thinking has become unsexy with a growing focus on cost reduction and the pressure that comes with doing more with less. Business guru Robert Herjavec states in his book Driven:  “Your business either grows or it dies.  Expansion isn’t a goal or a business strategy.  It is an undeniable fact of life.”.  Not investing in the relationships you have built over the years is the first step to compromising the health of your business.

Here are some key ideas to consider as you are having second thoughts about your next corporate function. Read more

Pumpkin Carving Made Fun & Easy!

Original humor concept of a man made of pumpkins with ass outside.
“You want to carve what?!”

Pumpkins are back! They have become such a staple for fall decor as they are so seasonal and multi-functional for Halloween. There are some basics to ensure that your pumpkin design will be uniqued, polished and last.

Here are some quick tips to keep in mind:
1. Cut the base of your pumpkin out and scrape out the inside thoroughly.  After soaking it in bleached water for one hour, dry it off completely.
2. Sketch your design either freehand or using a template.  There are alot of free and fun templates you can get online.  If you choose a template, print and tape/tack the template on the face of the pumpkin.  Then outline the with small holes.
3. Outline your design.
4. Use proper carving tools.  Wood carving tools work great and you can get these at any craft store.
5. Light it up! Using alternate options to keep your pumpkin in the spotlight.
6. Showcase your art!

We would love to see your amazing pumpkin creations.  Send us photos of your pumpkin art by clicking on the comments link below.

Happy Carving!