How to Make a Denim Wreath

denim wreath


I LOVE Denim.  I wear it all the time because it is comfortable and versatile.  Eventually the holes take over and the best thing to do is upcycle them.  There are so many cute things you can do with your old jeans but I will show you how to make a no sew, super cute denim wreath in 7 easy steps.

Your will need the following supplies:

  • 2-3 pairs of old jeans with holes
  • 2 plain 4 inch burlap ribbon
  • 2 décor 4 inch burlap ribbon
  • a double wire wreath with ties (wreath has both an exterior and interior structure with ties)  Check the space you will want to hang your wreath to make sure you get the right scale.
  • a stapler
  • and a couple of extra ties.

Let’s get started.

Step 1.        Cut the legs off of the jeans just below the back pocket.  Then cut each jean leg open and into quarter strips down the long portion of the fabric.  Each strip should be about 4 inches wide.

Step 2.        Place two strips of denim together length-wise with the outside facing each other.  At one end staple along the edge to create a seam.  Repeat until all of the denim is attached to make one long denim ribbon.  Make sure that you have consistent denim on the outside.

Step 3.        Attach the ribbon of denim with the 2 ribbons of plain burlap ribbon at one end with a wire tie.  Loosely braid the three ribbons and tie at the other end with a wire tie.

Step 4.       Starting at the top of the wreath, fasten the denim braid with the outside facing outward with the wire ties.  Pull the denim around to the next wire attachment then to create the frill effect simply allow approximately an additional 6 inches of fabric before you attach the fabric to the wreath wire tie.  Continue this step until you have made it all the way around.  You may need to play with this a bit to make sure that you have an even frill and full coverage around the wreath.

Step 5.        Take the decorative burlap ribbon and attach the end of it to the top of the interior wreath with the wire tie.  Again, pull the ribbon to the next wire tie and give an extra 4 inches of ribbon before you attach it to the wire tie of the wreath.  Repeat until the ribbon has full coverage around the interior of the wreath.

Step 6.        Hang the wreath up and play with the fabric to make sure that the frills are even and you have full coverage around the wreath giving it a full effect.  Personalize your wreath with a bow or other cute decorative items.  This is where you get to show your creative genius.  Just make sure that your personal touch is the right scale to the wreath.  Make sure all of your wire ties are tucked out of sight.

Step 7.           Hang your wreath creation proud and enjoy!