How to make the Perfect Party… in 10 EASY Steps

When I was a kid birthday’s were a big deal in our home. The effort my mom put into my party always made me feel loved and special.  She still bakes me a birthday cake every year on my birthday.  Thanks mom.  As a mom now, I want my kids to feel the same way I did on their birthdays.  I know that many other mom’s feel the same way too.  Here are some guidelines to help you make a wonderful birthday party like aMilestone-Birthdays-Events-2 pro for your child no matter what your budget.

Perfect Party Guidline:

1.  Make it Personal

Consider what would appeal to your child when making decisions about the theme and color.  You can also include their photo in the invitations you send out to their friends. Being mindful of this throughout the planning process makes your child feel that this event is truly to celebrate them.

2.  Pick ONE theme

There are so many you can choose, from a “Under the Sea” to a “Science” theme.  Just keep the first guideline in mind as you decide which one will fit your child the best.  This selection will direct the design of your invitations, party decor, activities, cake and party favours.  Please do not have a bulk party where you have many celebrations rolled into one party.  It undermines the point of the celebration.

3.  Pick 2 to 3 theme colors … NO MORE

This is important as it will keep they eye at ease and help you achieve the message of the theme you have chosen.  This is also important for dishware (disposable or permanent) as other colors will conflict with the image your are trying to achieve.  As well, it is a good rule of thumb to keep the colors in the same family.

4.  Combine the theme and colors

This is the part where you get to play with decor ideas, menu, invitations, and party favours.

5.  Plan an activity

This is especially important for birthday parties with yonger kids.  If you don’t have planned activities it is a receipe for chaos.  It is also helpful to have an itinerary for the party so there is a flow that keeps the party on schedule.

6. Serve healthy foods before the birthday cake

This is even more relevant today than when I was a kid.  There are so many food allergies and sensativities.  This allows the guests to get nourishment in a healthy way.  Remember to keep the environment nut free as this is a very common allergy that can be very traumatic.

7.  Assign camera duty before the party

You will be busy running the party and will likely miss alot of special moments.  Assignment of this task will allow you and your child to capture those memories for years to come.

8.  Time for the party should be age appropriate

The time issue is something I have learned from experience and really does hold true, give or take a half hour.  Typically younger children, 1-5 years, really should only have a one hour party.  Children that are 6-11 years do well  for 2 hours and children 12 and older can have 3-5 hours.

9.  Teach your child proper etiquette by having them give out the “Thank you” party favours to their guests as they leave

As a parent, I am a big believer in making the most of teachable opportunities.  This is one of those opportunities.  When guests leave, it is considered good manners to see them to the door to say final good-byes.

10. Put your feet up and enjoy a post-party tea … You deserve it!!

I hope this was helpful.  It is a taste of what we will be offering at our next workshop at the Summerside Beach House on Februdary 6, 2016.  For information on how you can join us for a fun day of party planning, please click the following link for registration: