Pumpkin Carving Made Fun & Easy!

Original humor concept of a man made of pumpkins with ass outside.
“You want to carve what?!”

Pumpkins are back! They have become such a staple for fall decor as they are so seasonal and multi-functional for Halloween. There are some basics to ensure that your pumpkin design will be uniqued, polished and last.

Here are some quick tips to keep in mind:
1. Cut the base of your pumpkin out and scrape out the inside thoroughly.  After soaking it in bleached water for one hour, dry it off completely.
2. Sketch your design either freehand or using a template.  There are alot of free and fun templates you can get online.  If you choose a template, print and tape/tack the template on the face of the pumpkin.  Then outline the with small holes.
3. Outline your design.
4. Use proper carving tools.  Wood carving tools work great and you can get these at any craft store.
5. Light it up! Using alternate options to keep your pumpkin in the spotlight.
6. Showcase your art!

We would love to see your amazing pumpkin creations.  Send us photos of your pumpkin art by clicking on the comments link below.

Happy Carving!