The Unsexy Truth: Events Matter to Business


Shocked Mature Businessman Sticking Tongue Out While Holding Paper

Do you lie awake at night worried about how you will meet your quarterly sales goals; stressed about the morale of your staff and your turnover rates;  retaining key business in a highly competitive environment?  If you have answered “YES!” to any of these questions, then this healthy dose of business advise is for you.  Events cost money and time but are one of the most effective ways to organically grow your business!  No matter what business you are in, your success is driven by the relationships you build over time with your staff and customers. Relationships are built through shared experiences, human connection, and a shared cause.

In the last couple of years this thinking has become unsexy with a growing focus on cost reduction and the pressure that comes with doing more with less. Business guru Robert Herjavec states in his book Driven:  “Your business either grows or it dies.  Expansion isn’t a goal or a business strategy.  It is an undeniable fact of life.”.  Not investing in the relationships you have built over the years is the first step to compromising the health of your business.

Here are some key ideas to consider as you are having second thoughts about your next corporate function.

  1. Events provide the setting for a shared experience.  When events are engaging, positive, and pull in all five senses with a healthy dose of emotional connection, the results are unmistakable and last for a long time.  You have essentially associated your brand with that experience and any psychologist will tell that association is very powerful.  Here’s a quick test:  first word that you think of when you read “Apple Pie”.
  2. The  Power of W.OM.  (Word Of Mouth) is a real thing.  In fact, when I was in University taking my first Marketing course and saw this term in a text book and I thought ,”This is so obvious!”.  Yet so many businesses forget the incredible importance of this marketing component.  When you have another boring dinner at the local restaurant and give another boring speech I can promise you that someone there is posting about it and it is a reflection on you, your brand and your business.  The same is true for a well executed event.  Food for thought….
  3. A shared cause is a potent glue that connects people quickly with one focus in mind.  The first time I participated in the “Run for the Cure” I was so taken back by the comradary amongst strangers that propelled each of us past the finish line.  The smiles, tears, and hugs from people I never met before elevated this cause in my mind and my commitment continues to this day.

At Owl Event Company there is a very simple equation we apply to all of our Corporate Events which is:

Meaning + Benefits = Money Wisely Invested

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